A sleepy pixel art girl

Hello! Not sure what I'm gonna use this thing for but I'm gonna have fun

I'm probably gonna make it nice and cozy hehe

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To-do list

Make this to-do list

Make a dream journal page

Finish up Art + Hobbies page

Make character/story pages

Teeny towers

Add site update section

Update the navigation links + banners to be more unique

Add more cute things

  • 2022/11/08 - November diary entry
  • 2022/08/19 - A new diary entry this summer
  • 2022/07/04 - I've started putting up little reviews on games in those big itch.io bundles
  • 2022/05/25 - Some pole thoughts
  • 2022/05/13 - Made a separate links page
  • 2022/05/05 - Added dreams page
  • 2022/05/01 - Added some wobbly text to my homepage and this update section!